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Leon Constantiner
Photography Award

Tel Aviv Museum of Art , Israel, 2011
Curator: Nili Goren

The Leon Constantiner Photography Award for an Israeli Artist

Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2011)

The 2011 Leon Constantiner Photography Award for an Israeli Artist was awarded to Ilit Azoulay (b. 1972) and Liat Elbling (b. 1980), whose work represents a major trend seen recently in Israeli photography. It centers on a renewed discussion of sight, memory and documentation, based on the use of processing, imaging and assemblages. While their source is direct photography, these works move away from this toward the creation of paradoxical environments.

In her works, Liat Elbling creates restrained and meticulous spatial disruption that emphasizes the tension between visibility and visual patterns, recognition and visual perception, photography and memory. She photographs architectural structures, landscapes or interpersonal situations and then, by means of processing, removes, adds and changes significant details.

While the photographic illusion that is created seems to preserve the original raw material’s principles of visual order, it sheds doubt upon or neutralizes the basic content and its functional quality.

By Nili Goren, Curator of Photography, Tel Aviv Museum of Art


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