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Liat Elbling_Closer Than Ever_01.JPG

Closer Than Ever

Artelli Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium, 2016
Curator: Elie Schonfeld

The Artelli Gallery welcomes the fine-art photo exhibition ‘Closer than ever’ by Liat Elbling. She positions photography as the medium, the technique, the act and the photograph as the product and the object. She puts herself in the witness stand. She creates visual richness by meticulously processing single photos into intensively composed photographs. Architecture and its components have a prominent presence in her art. 

‘Closer than ever’ is presented in 5 series that juxtapose reality and perception.


‘Untitled’ comprises photos from private homes and structures that were digitally manipulated so that their doorways or windows were blocked and removed from the context. Windows and doors were sealed or copied to other locations, houses were moved to foreign landscapes or artificial backgrounds. ‘Home’ was transformed into an ‘object’. This series leads the visitor as if he or she was on a main road that diverges into two paths: one heading towards non-materiality and the other towards materiality...

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